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Personal Data Privacy Policy & Practices




O2O Trading and Marketing Limited (“O2OTM”) respects personal data privacy and shall use all its reasonable efforts to ensure that the collection, retention, transmission and/or use of personal data by O2OTM and its group companies are in compliance with the local regulatory requirements.



O2O Trading and Marketing LimitedO2OTM)尊重個人資料私隱,並應合理地盡其所能確保 O2OTM及其集團公司對個人資料的收集、保留、傳送和/或使用符合當地的監管要求。


Privacy Practices



Kinds of Personal Data Held



There are several broad categories of personal data held by O2OTM:


Data collected for the purpose of selling, distributing, promoting and marketing products and any services in relation to or incidental to the aforesaid activities, such as, but not limited to name; information for the verification of identity, including identification type and identification number; service address or corresponding address; account details; payment details; contact details including contact name, telephone number and email address of an Individual/data subject, etc..


為銷售、分發、推廣和營銷產品以及與上述活動有關或附帶的任何服務而收集的個人 資料,例如但不限於姓名、身份驗證信息(包括身份證明類型、身份證號)、服務地址 或通訊地址、個人帳戶的詳細資料、付款詳情、聯繫方式(包括個人/資料當事人的姓名、電話號碼和電子郵件地址)等。


Data collected for employment related purposes and personnel management, such as, but not limited to name, information for the verification of identity, including identification type and identification number, gender, age, salary range and employment details, education and profession, contact details including contact name, telephone number and email address, leave and training records, recruitment, medical records, retirement fund schemes participation, performance appraisals and disciplinary matters, etc..


為就業相關目的和人事管理收集的個人資料,例如但不限於姓名、身份驗證信息(包括 身份證明類型和身份證號碼)、性別、年齡、薪金範圍和工作細節、教育程度和職業,聯繫詳情(包括聯繫人姓名、電話號碼和電子郵件地址)、假期和培訓記錄、招聘、醫療記錄、退休基金計劃的參與詳情、工作表現評核及紀律事項等


Data collected for customers’ complaints, investigations, and insurance claims, such as, but not limited to information supplied by data subjects and data users and collected in connection with complaints, investigations and insurance claims and related activities under the relevant provisions of the Ordinance or in relation to the provision of products or services by O2OTM for the purpose of responding to and taking follow-up action on compliant and investigation, etc..


為客戶投訴、調查和保險索賠而收集的個人資料,例如但不限於資料當事人和資料使 用者提供的個人資料,於投訴、調查和保險索賠以及根據該條例的相關條文下進行的相關活動中收集到的個人資料,以及為因O2OTM提供的產品或服務提出的投訴作出回應、調查和採取後續行動而收集的個人資料等。


Collection of Personal Data Online

The types of personal data collected on O2OTM’s website including but not limited to name, gender, age, information for the verification of identity, including identification type and identification number, telephone number, email address, correspondence address, education, occupation and personal interest through your registration of our [E-News], or registration for O2OTM’s online contests or sweepstakes. O2OTM’s web servers may also collect data relating to your IP address and /or domain name.



當你在O2OTM的網站登記註冊我們的[資訊速遞]O2OTM的線上比賽或抽獎活動時,我們可能會收集閣下不同類型的個人資料,包括但不限於你的姓名、性別、年齡、身份驗證信息(包括身份證明類型和身份證號碼)、電話號碼、電子郵件地址、通訊地 址、教育程度、職業和個人興趣。O2OTM的網絡伺服器亦可能從 閣下處收集IP地址及/或域名等資料。


Use of Personal Data Online

O2OTM uses the personal data collected through its website primarily for supplying to you the goods and services you require; to respond to your inquiries, to gain understanding of your needs; to perform statistical analysis of website usage or customer requirements; and direct marketing activities.





Accuracy of Personal Data

O2OTM has certain procedures in place to maintain personal data at a reasonable level of accuracy, completeness and relevancy for the purpose for which the personal data is to be used. Although we do not currently provide online access to and correction of personal data we hold, we fully comply with the “Rights of Access and Correction” obligations of the Ordinance. Individuals may amend their personal data, as appropriate, set out in “Rights of Access and Correction” section below.



O2OTM已訂立若干程序,將個人資料的準確性、完整性及關聯性保持在合理水平,以 配合個人資料的用途。雖然我們暫時未就個人資料提供線上的查閱及更改服務,但是我們會恪守該條例下有關「查閱及更改資料」的規定。在適當情況下,資料當事人可按下文的「查閱及更改資料」部分所述,修訂其個人資料。


Security of Personal Data

O2OTM has put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and help protect personal data against unauthorized or accidental access, processing and other use.





Direct Marketing Activities

In accordance with the requirements of the Ordinance, we will honor a data subject’s request not to use his/her personal data for the purposes of direct marketing. If you prefer for your personal data not to be used for the purposes of direct marketing activities, please indicate your option:



根據該條例的要求,如果閣下不希望你的個人資料被用於直接促銷活動,我們會尊 重你的要求。若閣下不希望你的個人資料被用於直接促銷用途,



a)      Email to our Data Protection Officer at





b)      In writing to:

O2O Trading and Marketing Limited, Unit 2115, 21/F, Asiatrade Centre, 79 Lei Muk Rd., Kwai Chung, Hong Kong


O2O Trading and Marketing Limited





Use of Cookies

Cookies are files or pieces of information that may be stored in your computer's hard drive when you visit the website. We may use cookies to improve our site and conform our products to your interests and needs. Cookies may also help speed up your activities or to improve your user experience by remembering the information which you have already provided to us. The use of cookies is an industry standard and you will find them at most websites. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you would prefer, you can set your browser to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent so that you can flush them from your browser if you object to their presence.




Cookies 是當你登入O2OTM的網站時可能被儲存在你的電腦硬件中的資料或檔案。我們 或會利用cookies來改善O2OTM的網站,及因應你的興趣和需要改善我們的產品。由於Cookies會紀錄你曾提供予我們的資料,這或許能加快你瀏覽O2OTM的網站的速度或改善你的網站使用情況。Cookies的使用已成為行內慣用的方法,並會在大多數的網站中被使用。大部份瀏覽器的默認設置都是接受Cookies的。你可以隨意在你的瀏覽器上設定拒絕接受Cookies或當你不願意有Cookies出現時,你的瀏覽器會向你作出提示,以便你從瀏覽器剔除所有Cookies


Privacy Practices with Third Parties

All personal data we hold will be kept confidential but we may, where such disclosure is necessary to satisfy the purpose or a directly related purpose for which the data was collected, share aggregate, non-personally identifiable information as well as personally identifiable information about our users with advertisers, business partners and affiliates, sponsors, agents, lawyers, debt collection companies and other third parties. In cases of which we may share or transfer personally identifiable information to the relevant third parties, this will be specified in the relevant Personal Information Collection Statement at the time of O2OTM’s collection of such information. In cases where O2OTM transfer personal data to data processors defined under the Ordinance, O2OTM shall put relevant contractual safeguards in place and if that is impracticable, shall engage other oversight and auditing mechanisms such as ensuring that the data processors have robust policies and procedures in place.



我們會將所有個人資料保密;但在有需要時,我們或會與廣告商、商業伙伴及附屬公 司、贊助商、代理人、律師、討債公司及其他第三者分享從綜合統計中得到的非個人 識別資料。如果我們需要分享或移轉個人資料予有關的第三方,我們會於有關個人資料收集聲明上註明,而該聲明會在收集個人資料的時候發予資料當事人。如果O2OTM將個人資料移轉給該條例下定義的資料處理者,O2OTM應當制定相關的合 同保障措施;如果合同保障措施不可行,則應採用其他監督和審計機制,例如確保資 料處理者已就個人資料私隱制定健全的政策和程序


Links to Other Sites

Users should be aware that when you are on O2OTM website you may be directed to other sites that are beyond our control or that take you outside our service. This may include links from advertisers, sponsors, and partners that may use the O2OTM logo. These other sites may send their own cookies to users, or otherwise collect data or solicit personal information. You should always be aware of your location on the Internet. Check the linked site to locate its Privacy Policy that may be different from our own. If O2OTM website links you to any third party's website, O2OTM makes no representation as to the existence, sufficiency, accuracy or completeness of third party’s Privacy Policy.



當你瀏覽O2OTM的網站時,你應了解到你或許會被指引到其他不在O2OTM控制或服務 範圍內的網站。這可能包括使用O2OTM的標誌的廣告商、贊助商及其他合作伙伴。這 些網站或會使用Cookies或其他方式以收集或索取瀏覽者的個人資料。你應時常警覺 自己在互聯網上的位置,並查閱所連結到的網站的私隱政策,因為他們的私隱政策可 能與我們的私隱政策不同。假若閣下經O2OTM的網站連結到任何第三者的網站,O2OTM不應被視為對這些網站的私隱政策的存在、充分性、準確性或完整性作任何申述


Retention of Personal Data

O2OTM maintains and executes retention policies of records containing personal data to ensure personal data is not kept longer than is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose for which the data is or is to be used. Different retention periods apply to various kinds of personal data collected and held by O2OTM in accordance with policies in standing instructions and administration manuals as well as the codes of practice and guidelines issued by the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data from time to time.



O2OTM維持及執行關於載有個人資料的記錄的保留政策,以確保個人資料的保留時限 不會超過用以貫徹該資料被使用於或會被使用於的目的所需的時間。根據O2OTM的政策及私隱專員公署定期發出的實務守則和指引,不同的保留時限適用於不同類型的個人資料。


Right of Access and Correction

Under the Ordinance, a data subject shall have the right to request access, correction and copy of his/her personal data. O2OTM shall handle such requests promptly and shall comply with the maximum period prescribed by the Ordinance. O2OTM has the right to charge a reasonable amount for expenses incurred in handing such requests.



根據該條例,資料當事人有權要求查閱或更改其個人資料,以及索取副本。O2OTM 從速處理有關要求及須遵守該條例規定的最長時段。O2OTM有權就處理有關要求收取 合理的費用。


Access Such data subject may exercise his or her right of access by completing the form "Data Subject Access Request" (the prescribed form of which (form: OPS003) is available at the office of the Privacy Commission for Personal Data) and sending the completed form, along with appropriate proof of identity and the prescribed fee to O2OTM 's Data Protection Officer.



資料當事人有權查閱其資料,他應填妥「查閱資料要求表格」(表格第 OPS003 號,該 表格可於私隱專員公署的網頁下載),並連同有關的身份證明文件及指定費用,寄給O2OTM的資料保障主任。



The data subject may exercise his/her right of correction by writing to O2OTM 's Data Protection Officer specifying a) the data which he/she believes to be incorrect, b) the reason he/she believes it is incorrect, and c) the applicable corrections provided that the data subject can provide "proof of identity" verifying that the data subject making the request is authorized to request such corrections. Address of Data Protection Officer O2O Trading and Marketing Limited, Unit 2115, 21/F, Asiatrade Centre, 79 Lei Muk Rd., Kwai Chung, Hong Kong




a) /她認為不正確的資料,

b) 他們認為不正確的理由,以及c) 需作出的有關改正;惟資料當事人須提供「身分證 明」以核實要求改正的資料是當事人有權提出有關的資料更改要求。

資料保障主任的地址: 香港新界梨木道79號亞洲貿易中心2115O2O Trading and Marketing Limited


Changes in our Policy

O2OTM reserves the right to change or remove this Policy at our discretion. If we decide to change our Policy we will post those changes here. We encourage you to visit this area frequently to stay informed.








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